Hi, I'm Frank James.

Is your name Frank or is it James?

It’s both! It’s Frank James. My friends call me Frank but no shortage of people in my life have called me James. Call me either, I won’t make it weird.

Where ya from?

I actually live in Decatur, Alabama with my wife, son, and a spoiled cat but I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and we started our family in Huntsville. So Huntsville will always be home.

What is your photographic style?

My photographic style reflects my personality. I like my photos to be bright, lively, and occasionally a little dramatic. We gravitate toward folks that share those same characteristics. The work of a wedding photographer is all about how you see the world and then about your ability to transfer that vision into a photograph. After that, it's all about being able to put people at ease and in a position where they can look their best. We take a very hands-off approach. We like to observe, participate, and capture the day as it happens. I have a saying on wedding days, "I won't tell you what to do but I will tell you where to do it."


“Frank and his wife, Samantha, made us feel so comfortable and let us just have our moments while capturing them on camera (and also giving us some pointers and suggestions). Frank has been so flexible with our needs and schedule and is so quick to respond to any questions you may have. After seeing how beautiful our engagement photos turned out, we absolutely cannot wait to see what magic Frank works at the wedding!”

“I can't believe how incredibly well Frank and Sam captured our wedding day. What I wanted most were warm, genuine photos - they absolutely delivered. They captured everything from the big events to the little moments to the emotions behind all of it. When I look back at the pictures, I not only remember what was going on, but how wonderful all of it felt.”

“Frank and Sam made this entire wedding fiasco so simple. He was amazing and very easy to work with. He has such an eye for detail and made the most amazing photos I've ever seen!”