The question I get most often about engagement sessions is "Where should we go?"

Here's my blanket response: The best case scenario is to choose a spot that's meaningful or relevant to your relationship. This can be anything from the site of your first date, the spot where you got engaged, or just a place y'all visit often. If that doesn't help, I say think of anywhere you've always thought was interesting or imagined would look great in a picture. If all of those prompts fail, then guess what? It doesn't matter. We can go anywhere. Any park, or pretty tree, or field on the side of the road will now become special because that's where we went to have your engagement photos made.

Downtown huntsville

For our purposes here, let's consider "downtown" to include a wide area including Big Spring Park, Twickenham, The Huntsville Museum of Art, Constitution Park. Basically anywhere within walking distance of the Madison County Courthouse.

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Huntsville and Madison

The options are endless! Honestly, whatever spot you're envisioning right now will work. The Space and Rocket Center, Old Madison, John Hunt, Dublin Park, or any of the Greenways around town. My secret weapon is Research Park. Always empty and always well landscaped. Perfect for chill weekday engagement session.

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Hays Nature Preserve

Hays is a great outdoorsy location for an engagement session to get a really full on nature vibe but still have paved walkways and a short walk back to our cars.

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Land trust Parks

The very first park that comes to mind here will be Monte Sano (maybe Green Mountain if you're from South Huntsville) but the park system includes land all through the Huntsville area from Harvest to Owen's Cross Roads.

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